What does Stan Kenton have in common with the number 88? For starters, he was a “grand” pianist who played those 88 ivories the same way he led his band—with passion, precision and power! Secondly, the maestro would have celebrated his unofficial 88th birthday on February 19, 2000. To commemorate the occasion, this date marked the release of The Kenton Kronicles.

Penned by jazz archivist, writer, disc jockey and Kenton historian
Steven D. Harris, this definitive biography (over a decade in the making) is a history, photograph, anecdote and reference book all in one! It documents the complete life and times of Stanley Newcomb Kenton—beloved band leader, pianist, composer, arranger and jazz educator. The book reads like a virtual encyclopedia of facts in covering the life story of “Modern America’s Man of Music,” his celebrated soloists and orchestras.
  • 396 pages in soft cover, 8 1/2 X 11 in size, 40 glossy photo pages.

  • 263 incredible (unpublished) black and white photographs

    Full chronological interviews from over 100 musicians, family members and other related artists associated with the Kenton band.
  • Foreword by Stan’s legendary writing companion, Pete Rugolo, who, through this unique and imaginative orchestrations, was greatly responsible for bringing Kenton’s sound to prominence.

Individual chapters on each of Kenton’s various orchestras:
  • In the Beginning (1911-40)
  • Birth of a Band (1940-45)
  • Artistry in Rhythm (1946-47)
  • A presentation of Progressive Jazz (1947-49)
  • Innovations in Modern Music (1950-51)
  • New Concepts (1952-54)
  • To Swing or Not to Swing (1954-57)
  • Balboa Revisited (1957-60)
  • Mellophonium Magic (1960-63)
  • Neophonic Impressions (1964-69)
  • Creative “Whirl” (1969-77)
  • The Final Bars (1978-79)

  • Over 35 transcribed radio and TV interviews from “Stan the Man” himself aptly titled “Kenton in Conversation.” Watch his career unfold with each chapter as Kenton tells his own life story, reminiscing on a variety of subjects.

  • A first-time video-filmography titled “Kenton on Camera” which documents over 125 appearances of Stan in films, television and private videos (with and without his orchestra) from 1936-78. This massive list spans over 40 years!
The Kenton Kronicles
(2nd Edition - soft cover).

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Steven D. Harris
Note: Although the first edition copies (now real collector's items) are long gone, a half-dozen of these original hard covers were saved and put aside specifically to collect alumni autographs. After ten years, these very special uncirculated books are also now available! Each one is individually numbered (among the earliest copies 4 thru 9 out of only 1,000 printed) and signed by the author. But there's more! These books offer between 15 and 40 signatures (in ink) of Stan's star musicians and soloists. Several of these world renowned players have since passed on, making these books that much more valuable. Price: $400 and up. We accept bids! (contact us for further details).
(check for availability) Price: $29.95 plus s/h ($3 USA, $7 overseas) Final issue! After more than 15 years, this historic calendar ends its run, marking Stan's 2011 birth centennial. This limited edition collector's item is size 8x11 on glossy paper with high-resolution photos. As always, this unique fact-filled calendar offers all new pictures! Plus: *More than 550 historical dates, background and trivia on Stan's star soloists and players covering the entire Kenton era, 1940-78. 30 rare action shots of Stan and his various bands in action, spanning four decades, published for the first time anywhere. *Encyclopedia of Kentonia: An updated alumni reference guide covering the tenure, instrument, birth date and location of 375 musicians, singers and arrangers. *Only 125 copies produced, individually numbered. *First time color cover. Note: back issues of previous calendars (all different photos) from 2002-2010 are available at half price.
Can't get enough Kenton?
Then try this unique tribute to Stan the Man:
Steven D. Harris
Jan Tober: was featured with the Kenton band for a short time during his golden years. She has appeared at the Kenton reunions in Los Angeles several times, singing some of the original charts (which she still has!).

This is her latest album I have the feeling I've been here before. It's a collection of fine jazz ballads accompanied by Jeff Linsky, award winning Concord artist. Some songs: The title tune, I have the feeling I've been here before, Interlude, Everytime we say goodbye, Where do you start, Interlude (A pete Rugolo tune), and My Romance.

There are 12 tunes total. $15.00

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